Precious Childhood

Childhood is precious. A time that is so deeply connected to nature and cycles, a time before socialization takes hold and wonder guides the way. In the early years of childhood, a connection with the natural world is of the highest importance for setting a foundation for inner strength and balance to be carried forward throughout all of life.

I have worked with children for close to twenty years. Inside schools, and outside of schools. In this time I have observed their ways of connecting with self, and the world around them. I see and honor their sensitivity, their curiosity, playfulness, their natural rhythms. We have fallen out of touch ourselves with these rhythms in the fast-paced world of persistent doing, achievement and busy-ness. In this time of collective, pause I invite us all to remember the power in slowing down, to the pace of Mother Nature, and being in connection with our children there.

I offer support in remembering, and establishing that slow paced, natural rhythmic connection for parents, children and families.

I provide universally oriented learning resources for families interested in growing and learning alongside their children in a collaborative union with the natural world.

Recreating and reconnecting through and with nature in its elemental form allows a learning process to evolve holistically without force. The human mind is capable of a co-creative process that is discovered through the unfolding of the distinct maturity phases we face throughout our lifetime.

By allowing true freedom of self in relationship with nature and a recreational opportunity with creation, children develop confidence, inner strength and sense of awe and wonder carried through their lifetime. Walking through life in a balanced and sacred way.

You are always welcome to reach out to me for support for yourself